Eggcettera Eggs

Eggs are what we are all about. Our eggs come from our flock of happy, free-range hens and are collected twice daily and prepared for sale.

Mobile sheds house them and are open all the time to allow the girls to roam the paddock in search of food, scratch in a dust bath or spread their wings.

This provides them a variety of seeds, worms and insects to eat, and this diverse diet results in eggs of superior quality to those available at the supermarket - eggs that we are truly proud of!

Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork is part of the ongoing diversification of our sustainable farming practices carried out at Starks Road.

Our pigs are rotationally grazed in open kikuyu grass paddocks, along with being supplementary fed with pecan nuts and nutritionally balanced pig grower pellets. This ensures all necessary vitamins and minerals are provided for the pigs on a daily basis.

Mostly active in the cool of the morning and likewise in late evening, the pigs carry out plenty of digging using their snouts locating earthworms, bugs and seeds. They are provided with water wallows and as a result they are "as happy as a pig in mud"!

With all this natural behaviour occurring it means more exercise, and this in turn, means the pork produced is of higher quality and a delicious taste that is beyond compare!

Long Paddock Lamb

The Long Paddock Lambs are pasture raised and grazed, meaning they are superior eating when it comes to palatability. With our ongoing commitment to sustainable farming the lambs are fed a supplementary ration that utilises 2 key ingredients that are recycled and traditionally regarded as a waste product sourced from within a 50 kilometre radius of the farm ... remember the low food kilometre concept! The products we use are a tightly held secret (secret herbs and spices sort of stuff!!). But we can assure you that the feedback we are getting from Meat at Billy’s (Brisbane), Parkhurst Quality Meats (Rockhampton) and Salt & Co Dry Aged Gourmet Meats (Gold Coast) is very positive!! The palatability of the lamb is second to none, and most exciting is the marbling (intra muscular fat) we are achieving on a consistent basis leading to an exceptional eating experience making your taste-buds turn top to tail! Again with the Long Paddock Lamb, we are mindful of the need to fast track the journey from paddock to plate, at all times ensuring the ethical treatment of the animals, ensuring our customers get fresh product at all times.

Beer Malt Beef

Eggcettera - Beer Malt Beef was produced after the opportunity arose to utilise the spent grain from the beer brewing process at Newstead Brewing (which is located at Castlemaine Street at Milton and Dogget Street, Newstead).

Eggcettera is very much about ethical raising and producing animals along with operating a sustainable farm. So when Newstead Brewing offered us their spent beer malt (the leftover product from the beer making process) it fitted perfectly with our Eggcettera ethos of "upcycling" to deliver, high quality, unique produce to our customers.

On April 25 2017 we started feeding spent beer malt (grain) to specially selected Angus and Wagyu steers on our Eggcettera farm. These beef breeds were selected for their well-known meat quality traits, specifically marbling, tenderness and eating appeal.

Like all our animals these steers are free range, with access to as much spent beer malt as they like (and they like a lot) as well as a supplementary grain ration with all the essential minerals and trace elements, and of course natural grass pasture. The end result is a combination of exceptional quality beef with subtle, beer malt infusion.

Box Gum Goat

Box Gum Goat was first sold back in June 2017, it was developed as part of the ongoing diversification and sustainability of the Eggcettera farm.

The predominant breed is Boer which originated in South Africa and first introduced into Australia in the 1990s. They are renowned for excellent carcase qualities and superior growth rates. Most importantly Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to the semi-arid areas in Australia.

As a point of difference the goats are given box gum leaves to browse on which gives the meat a subtle flavour giving the taste buds something to ponder! Of all the animals on Eggcettera Farm, the goats are the most enjoyable to watch going about their browsing and grazing of the trees and grass. When the kids (babies) arrive in Spring, it's easy to waste an hour watching them get up to their playful antics.

Goat meat has a very distinct taste, and lends it self to a good curry or slow cooked roast during winter and a magnificent kebab when blended with some of our Long Paddock Lamb over summer.

Glamb Salami

We are very excited to roll out our first ever smallgoods offering coming from Eggcettera.

Glamb Salami ... a combination of goat and lamb meat. This salami has a unique flavour like no other. It has the sweetness of lamb, with the subtle strength of goat flavour.

Glamb Salami is avilable in 150 gram cryvoac packs and 250 gram knobs.