Eggcettera was founded in 2014 at our farm near Allora in Southern Queensland.

It started out small, with 80 hens supplying free range eggs into an office in Brisbane. The reception to these free range eggs was overwhelming so we decided to take the plunge and expand into a bigger venture. Our animals are truly pastured and allowed to roam about and display their natural behaviour. We currently have chooks and ducks laying eggs as well as grass fed pasture raised meat such as Pastured Pork, Long Paddock Lamb, Beer Malt Beef and our delicious magazine award-winning Box Gum Goat - all providing produce that we are truly proud of! We pride ourselves on the ethical treatment of our animals which contributes to the delicious resulting food and can guarantee the provenance of our animals for their whole life cycle.

Ethical Animal Provenance

Fair dinkum free range

Great news! Orders can now be placed up until midday Thursday for home delivery the next day. Minimum $65.00 for home delivery. Cheers.